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     My Wife Kelly and I where married in October of 1982. We have a Dog (Lab, Shepard, Boxer mix) Clancy Shamus and a Siamese Cat Mickey. I have lived in the Syracuse area since 1980, Kelly has lived here her whole life.
     I was born in Hackensack, NJ in 1959, Kelly was born in Syracuse, NY circa 1960. I am a partner in two company's, IBN Insurance Brokerage LLC, and IBN Financial Services, Inc.
     Kelly works for Hartford Insurance as a Long Term Claims Specialist. We will probably live here for rest of our lives. We have a bar in our basement we call it The Candle, it is open most Saturday Evenings, call to see if it's open.
     I have 4 brothers Bart, Rory, Scott, and a special big brother, Bill. Bart, Scott and my Mom (Kathleen) live in Roanoke, VA. my Dad (Richard Sr.) lives in Cincinnati, OH.
     Bart is married to Theresa and they have a son Brandon Ray.
     My brother Rory lives up here in Liverpool and is married to Julie or Jules as I call her and their children Ryan and Tara.
     Scott is married to Tisha and he has 3 children, Adam, Ashley, and Pierce.
     Bill lives near Ft. Lauderdale Fla. and is married to Nadia (Naj). Billy has 3 children from a previous marriage. Bill, Pat and Bianca.
     My Mom is married to a great guy Don "Carlesco" Feick and they are in Roanoke, Va.
     My Dad is married to a wonderful women Sandy and they live in Cincinnati, OH with my brother Dewey (he's a Springer Spaniel).
     Kelly's family is from right here in the Syracuse area. Kelly's Mom and my Mom in Law is Bernadine Warner, she lives on the west side of Syracuse, near Solvay with my Brother in Law Bernie (Bern Dog).
     David Warner lives in Sandy Pond with his Fiance' Rhonda.  Austin, Trisha, Forrest and Stacy are all away at College.
     Daniel and Chris Warner live in Baldwinsville and have 4 children, Danny Jr., Jennifer, Meghan, and Matt. They also have two grandchildren Marley and Braden, children of Jenny and Jeff McCard. They live in 1 block from Dan and Chris. Dan and Meg (is engaed to Nate) live at home for now, Matt lives in North Syracuse.
     Kim and Kathy Warner live in Camillus with 2 of their 3 children Kristen and Kevin. Jackie (engaged to Pete) is away in college.
     Susan and Michael Wood live in North Syracuse and have 2 daughters and 1 grandson. Melissa and her son Ricky live at home. Stephy and her fiance' Jerrad Hoey live in Mattydale, NY.
     We also have in the Syracuse area my godmother Aunt Lee, her children Sean (on his way to the Mid East in the Army) and Shannon (engaged to Justin), My Grandmother Nana (Delores Connolly).

     We are also blessed with our friends Dorie and Bill Dwyer, Joanne and Bill Kelliher, Patty Smith and her friend Eric, and last but not least Greg Morrow who should live here.

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