The Candle
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The Candle organized in 1993 by Rick, Kelly, Aunt Lee, Greg and Rory. After the initial build out of the bar and entertainment center, Rick, Aunt Lee, and Greg sitting up till 4AM kept pouring wax from a burning candle on a beer can. The idea was to see how high we could get the wax. Well that was how the candle was born. Kelly bought the first 3 wick candle and the rest is history.
     In 2002 Rory built a bar in his back yard and we dubed it the summer candle so now there are two candles winter and summer
     The candle is open most Saturday's (call for operating times) and for most special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Please do not feel that an invitation is necessary. See ya soon……..

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Winter Candle

Summer Candle

Dolphins Rule!!!!!!

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