These are some of my
favorite websites.
I hope you enjoy them.
Great to keep up on Syracuse News and Sports
Entertainment and Happenings around Syracuse

Miami Dolphins Official Site
The official Miami Dolphin's Website, Players, Scores and News

Movies and Schedules
Get Movie location and times all over the country, as well as information on Movies

Stock Info
Get quotes, stock news and build your own portfolio

Life Expectancy Calculator
Calculate your own life expectancy based on lifestyle and family history

Financial Calculators
Calculate the cost of loans, How much you need to save for retirement, ect.

Independent Broker Network Inc.
My Business website, check it out lots of cool stuff

Midi Files
Get all kinds of great sounds for your computer, songs and goofy sounds

Computer Speed Test
Check your computers internet speed

Kelly Blue Book                           NADA
Check out how much your car's worth or one you may be buying

Fonts 1                           Fonts 2
Looking for great fonts like the ones I'm using

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